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As a watcher, we generally face good men trying to solve some problems. These are sometimes crimes like murder. Sometimes that shifts from the good vision to the bad one. And now, we try to understand a murderer and feel the tense atmosphere of the plot.

In this movie, the story is quite different. There is a university student writing a book about serial killers. He goes to the actual places with his girl and takes pictures etc. They do not have enough money, therefore they need someone to go California with who is going to share the expences. In this point, something fun happens. A serial killer accepts this offer and starts travelling with them and keeps killing when they drop by any place like hotels, restaurants, petrol offices bla bla.

What differs in that film is the killer does not have a gorgeous moving story which pushes him to that kindda sin. He is just a poor guy, he kills when he needs money and so. While these two couples start sharing time together, the good girl gets suspicious of the expense sharer. We reckon that the story would go without any change like two different lifestyles going hand in hand. However, the girl’s suspicion turns into real and the killer does his job before them and also in that way he ,in a way, helps the good guy to write his book better. He is the killer, he is there and he waits for his questions…And even he starts teaching something. Would it worth?

When everything unveils, the killer notices the upcoming danger and now is the time to kill even his girl friend. He takes the good girl whom he has some feelings from the beginning. Don’t worry, good guy wins in the and yet the process should better be watched rather than having read.