There are two kinds of people in the earth

One like me if there is any and the other like all you

That’s why; No matter how hard I try I cannot get your mind

The 20th century of the hungry world, at least my lovely surrounding

I am not immature enough to get deceived by your fake guns

Not liable to have a good mood just by your gun-like smile

There used to be healthy worms crawling over the earth

There used to be tiny spiders over the lake with a huge smile

I used to try to save them from getting drown in my naïve mind

Holding them on my hands, I was intruding to their life, without guns

When I discovered that was their life style in their familiar surrounding

I stopped protecting them rather feeling vulnerable against all you

I am no more a child; need to have plans in the mind

No more heroism no more wandering wearing a shiny smile

If you do not get benefit you turn into a cold stony surrounding

Walking over the bricks murdering the once-free earth

Watch out!!! That concrete will not stop till it reaches you

Try to mason your soul ignoring atomic bombs,  new-brand guns

You are no more a human placed in the untouched earth

Both get filthy inside and outside, a dirty kind, a dirty mind.

Do not try to keep up with the currency; do not copy the ones around you

Why I am expected to read that, write that, study that even if it kills my smile

trying to emerge from the past.  Me? Financially poor, culturally rich surrounding.

Me?The one who carries on the customs of a child with my mouth like-guns.

Does adulthood mean that you block your mind?

When your boss could not keep the wig from falling, you cannot smile?

Ever felt lonely catching someone laughing after you born in the same surrounding?

Open the door of the toilet with a tissue (especially at a plane) to avoid the metal shocking you

You cannot play with mud, cannot touch the soil, no longer walking over the earth.

Unless you are in paint ball paying your artificiality, no longer hold a gun.

After watching creatures around me hard not to think of me as an old-minded

girl trying to breathe in her own familiar but sharp surrounding.

We all know what life is, right? However, I do not know what emotion it brings to you.

Life is meaningless to me till you create a meaning in that earth

some  with science some technology some with religion some with guns

Whatever you chose there are means to your aim, you do not need to kill the soul,just smile.

Getting older some say to me; fed up with analyzing; cannot change your surroundings.

You go your way I won’t wear any mask, no matter how you color it.

That sounds schizophrenic? My world is in my mind.