It is really movable that I heard one of ma dearest group of words from ma foreign teacher.  I just drop by his Office and I was ready to listen whatever he gonna utter, however, he just looked at ma eyes. Initially, I felt very tense, however, then I just refleshed that scene in the class his saying to us that we should just go ask him if we think about goin abroad for education…

Yes, Vildan. !!! U are really lucky. U gonna be accepted.

I not only opened my heart but ma eyes also. That is really strange my little brain tought at that time coz he does not know about ma degree even in terms of english. How come he can tell sth. Like that?

He made a gesture liken coverin his head and tellin met hat I am a muslim; I cover ma head and I am a girl… all these sounds attractive form e to be accepted as an international student in one of the “common” us state universities.

I wanna cry ma God. U made me even feel like flyin in this world with a sentence includin ma headscarfJ