hey, do u like paintin,

let’s tell sth. by pointin,

look at the place, we are just sittin,

are u a friend of mine?

stare at the bag, my pencils, I am puttin,

sometimes we are alone

wish we had a clone

do u know what color of melon:))

add some blue to some yellow

that is the thing I mentioned above.


where u normally stay?

not a hotel, not a motel, not a friend.

please do not be a begger ma reader

the street is also away from the answer.

—forget about my silly suggestions.

—and yeah, now u are a human my puppet.

—u should take care of urself outside.

—don’t tell a silly lie before comin here.

after I greeted my boy for school.

I can sleep in my bad made of whool.

where I’m now? u should get, u fool:((