“No words to be carried as burden, coz I have the right to shout everythin whether there is an audience or not” says somebody in me!!!

The first step of the “love”, the alif of everythin, is what I am sufferin from. Ya Allah, I am always at the bus station waitin for somethin, I really need to touch the thing in me sometimes, I know u hear me, U created me, however sometimes it is hard to breathe livin here!!!faaar from u…

I also know that I am alive not because of my bloody breathes but u want me t o stay, and I am stayin with all my strength. When I forget about u, (that happens much nowadays) it is easier to walk over everythin, coz at that point, everythin vanishes in time, as u already not here and there. I miss u with all my heart and when I remember u, I feel myself there, however nothin comes together, I just try to love others to forget about u sometimes, coz knowin how valuable u are and how small I am makes me go crazy.

Please let me do my best and support me throughout my minutes in a day not to mistake anythin…And I just want what u want me to do, let me do!!!