Hearin two friends who are so close to each other even to share their special invaluable experience…


One is a pure girl, away from greed, the other seems rich in terms of feelin…


The latter starts

–          Ma stomache works more than normal, I guess I am fallin in…?

–          Hmmm tell me more!

–          Not desire to sleep, wanna listen songs and ahem I can now find the way of bathroom eyes blinded…

–          Yeah u are at the top, unfortunately…there are some advices here,

–          1 u can run to the window and face the clear air

–          2 u can take a deep breathe there

–          3 u can use cologne to feel cool

–          4 stay away from the water, it just help u feel more blended!!!

If u feel the butterfly inside u, fly to the nearest best friend:DDD

as we see at that story, u will generally have path goin across the solutions…